The truth behind the border

Journalist and filmmaker Jose Antonio Vargas posted the photo last week on Twitter, saying: In a scene not unlike when a coach rallies his players before a big game, Peterson reports organizers pressed the encircling migrants on the night of Nov.

The truth is that no politician should claim that they are serious about national security until they are willing to do something about securing our borders.

In the short term, Trump's election victory is expected to cause a spike in attempted illegal border crossings. Department of Homeland Security officials told reporters Friday that between April 19 and May 31 of this year, nearly 2, 1, children were separated from their parents or other adults with whom they were traveling.

About one-third of the 1,mile southern border has been fenced and walled off to keep out drug smugglers and illegal immigrants. In fact, more Mexican nationals are now leaving the U.

The Truth Behind The Myths

Remote stretches of the U. We need immigration, but those who desire to immigrate should be forced to go through the front door.

To get an idea of how absolutely vicious the backlash has been against this new law in Arizona, just check out the following video…. According to the media, Trump could with one quick fix simply prevent the separation of children from their parents; according to the media, all Trump has to do is wave his magic wand, and all will be well.

CNN A photo of a little boy crying in a cage is being shared on social media as seemingly another heart-rending byproduct of the White House's "zero tolerance" immigration policy, which separates undocumented parents and kids at the border.

The truth is that the American people overwhelmingly want something to be done about this horrific illegal immigration crisis.

Commentary: The Truth About the Invasion Heading Toward the Southern Border

And the looming novelty of a cashless society would be even worse in terms of personal liberty. The cartels that control most illegal entry routes from Mexico to the U. Some 21, Border Patrol agents guard the entire border and use motion sensors, drones, and other high-tech equipment to detect intruders.

Later Monday, the news outlet ProPublica released an audio recording that appears to capture the disturbing sound of Spanish-speaking children crying out for their parents at a U.

In the early s, the federal government prosecuted fewer than 4, people a year for re-entering the U. Send them to me at jhkunstler at mac. Trump tweeted last Friday: Border officials tell us that a growing number of radical Muslims are sneaking over the Mexican border into the United States.

New facilities were opened along the border, which held women and children for long periods of time before their cases were processed. But why should it be so controversial?

Border Patrol Agent Tells Truth Behind TIME Cover

Many experts believe that expanding the wall in remote areas wouldn't deter determined border crossers. That being the case, the outcome for the Democratic Party may be its own demise as a legitimate political bloc.Meet the man behind the migrant caravan headed to US charges upwards of $7, to take someone across the US border.

the ones who want to fight — for the truth and for a better country. Illegal Immigration: The Truth Behind The Border By: Carmen Farez Carmen Farez Civics Mr.

The Truth About Illegal Immigration

Sckalor Period 2 Illegal Immigration: The Truth Behind The Border “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free ” These are the words.

Jun 18,  · A photo of a little boy crying in a cage is being shared on social media as seemingly another heart-rending byproduct of the White House's "zero.

STERLING, Va. — Travelers walking through six international airports this summer, including through Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD), will see “The Truth Behind Counterfeits” posters.

Looking for Truth Behind Separating Families at US Border

These posters are part of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) initiative to raise awareness of the.

The Truth Behind the Border

As criticism over the separation of parents and children at the border grows, the Trump administration has struggled to explain the policy. Trump, himself, said the practice is the result of a law passed by Democrats, which has forced his administration into separating parents and children.

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The truth behind the border
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