Sample questionnaire on mobile number portability

Delivery company "We have been delighted with the our experience with Marketest and the quantitative research process. Body washing products "The questionnaire was extremely useful in helping me come to a decision.

The data will be collected through structured questionnaire. For orderly technical migration of complex interconnected networks, each of the remaining service areas will be migrated one by one on alternate days.

Such education should provide consistent emphasis on the meaning of MNP, its benefits, porting process, information required of mobile subscribers for success porting process, designated places for porting, who to contact for porting and at what time periods, complaint avenues, among others [ 26 ].

So this study highly relevant and will be useful to mobile operators as well as to mobile subscribers for making informed decision regarding porting from one operator to other. State why your study is relevant and how it will useful to various interested groups Statement of the Problem Mobile Number Portability is a powerful tool in the hands of customers to bargain from their existing mobile operators for better quality in services and fare tariff for services.

They are also going out in a big way to retain their prepaid high-ARPU users. As consumer education increases for MNP adoption, it could indirectly influence positively other consumer switching behaviour such as consumer attitude towards switching, perceived switching cost, peer influence to switch, among others, in order to achieve a ripple effect on consumer switching in general as expected for effective competition in mobile telecommunication industry developing countries, especially, GMTI.

Mobile Number Portability Essay

Operator Fear The so-called "incumbent" mobile telephony operators have been in the space for a long time. The situation is slightly more complex if the user leaves the first operator for a second and then subsequently elects to use a third operator.

In this regard, [ 22 ], p. Practical Contribution The findings suggest four important areas of practical implications. Kerala is one of slowest growing market with high proportion of MNP requests.

Visit the nearest outlet of the operator you want switch over to with your UPC. These rules, first defined in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Reports and Orders by the FCC publicly available at fcc. MNP is applicable to numbers within same circle 6.

Under MNP, if the subscribers are not satisfied with the services of their service provider, they can change their service provider while retaining the existing phone number.

Write two or three specific objectives of the study. Vodafone is one of the companies which benefitted from the MNP service. You have to fill and submit the prescribed Mobile Number Portability form to the new operator at the operator outlet and you will get the pre-provision SIM card of the new operator.

In first phase, the service will be available in Haryana, Maharashtra, Gujarat and some south India states. The present study found that, generally, consumer perception of the perceived porting time during the porting process is high.

In terms of active subscriber base in Kerala Vodafone is the second largest player with a market share of If you want to change again, you have no option but to wait out that period.

Applicable for Mobile numbers only 3.the introduction of Mobile Number Portability (MNP) which allows subscribers to port to a better service provider while maintaining the existing mobile number, retaining customers should be a smarter option than attracting new customers since it is less expensive.

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) Mobile Number Portability requests increased from million subscribers at the end of March to million at the end of April Handsets The mobile handset market's revenues in India will grow from US$ billion in to US$ billion inaccording to the study.

MOBILE NUMBER PORTABILITY Introduction Mobile Number Portability offers the subscriber the flexibility to retain his telephone number even when he switches to another operator in a service area. Number portability is a feature that allows a mobile subscriber to use the same number across different service providers.

Questionnaire 15 Pilot Survey 16 Enumeration Result of Residential Line Users 16 Survey on Fixed Mobile Number Portability OFTA Social Sciences Research Centre, HKU 4 Executive Summary Sample sizes of 1, residential line users, mobile phone only users and business line users with company size of.

By MarchKerala registered 2, Mobile Number Portability (MNP) requests, resulting into churn rate of % which is one of the highest in India. This study is an attempt to understand the customers’ response towards MNP facility with special reference to Vodafone customers in Pookottumpadam.

sample of 80 mobile subscribers in Nigeria, this research work investigates the effect of mobile number portability (MNP) focusing on subscribers’ perception and reasons for switching operators and opinion about the MNP process.

Sample questionnaire on mobile number portability
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